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I was introduced to the club e fit system a few years ago. I was at the Carlos winery in Alexandria, and I came across this unique piece of equipment. The energetic and beautiful Natalie Heckert (creator of this system) asked if I wanted to try it out and get a quick workout, well of course I said YES! I am always up for a workout and trying something new.  Natalie took me through the 4 basic exercises on the system and I was AMAZED! I had to instantly engage my core to prevent me from falling over, I felt all my small stabilizers turned on in my ankle, knee and hip, I felt all my muscles working and resisting the bands from just 4 simple compound movements, and I experienced an elevated heart rate. I then told Natalie, that I work in the fitness industry and thought this was a pretty neat tool. I instantly knew how this system would not only benefit me, but also many of my clients, so I purchased a couple of these systems. If you are one of my lucky clients who has had the pleasure of experiencing this system, YOU KNOW how efficient this workout is. I am not going to lie…it burns and my clients will attest to that as well, but this is a GOOD thing. If you don’t stress your muscles and experience the burn than you won’t see those adaptations and muscle gains you are looking for.

So I hope you are now asking yourself, “what the heck is this thing and how does it work??” Well, let me tell you! The club e fit system is a small platform that has 2 arm resistance bands and 1 ankle band (there are 3 different resistance level bands available). These bands are connected to the platform. The platform has notches all the way around the board so you can quickly adjust the intensity of the various exercises by simply moving the bands to a different notch.


How do you use this system? You can stand on it, sit on it, kneel on it, lay on it, etc. The amount of exercises you can do on this small piece of equipment is awesome! You can use all three bands at once and work all the way around the board to get a complete and efficient workout. Here are the 4 basic exercises to perform in 10-15mins and BOOM you have a total body workout.

  1. Standing on the board, ankle strap on 1 ankle. Other foot stays grounded on the board. Grab both arm handles. Perform a biceps curl, while doing a hamstring curl with the leg that has the ankle strap on. Do 8-10 reps, hold at the top and pulse for 8-10x to get that deep burn. Complete 2-3 more sets of the same drill. (see 1st picture below)
  2. Stay standing facing the same direction, now simply keep you leg straight and perform a hip extension to work the glutes, while bringing your arms out in front of your body, performing a frontal shoulder lift to work those delts. Do 8-10 reps, hold at the top and pulse for 8-10x to get that deep burn. Complete 2-3 more sets of the same drill. (see 2nd picture below)
  3. Turn your body to the side by taking a quarter turn, so the ankle strap and abduct (lift away from the mid-line of the body) and work the outer thigh and gluteus medius. Arms will lift laterally, performing a lateral shoulder lift. Do 8-10 reps, hold at the top and pulse for 8-10x to get that deep burn. Complete 2-3 more sets of the same drill. (see 3rd picture below)
  4. Take another quarter turn so you are facing the opp. way of the direction you started. Now your knee will lift up or keeping it straight as if you are kicking a soccer ball with your laces, while your arms stay straight and move back, squeezing the shoulder blades together- working your quads, triceps and back. To work the inner thigh, you simply externally rotate your leg and lift forward, as if you are kicking the soccer ball with the inside of the foot. Do 8-10 reps, hold at the top and pulse for 8-10x to get that deep burn. Complete 2-3 more sets of the same drill. (see 4th picture below)







Who is the Club E Fit for?? EVERYONE! All fitness levels and ages can use this system, which is another reason this piece of equipment is so great. I have trained athletes on the board, average health seekers, 75+ year old individuals as it can be done sitting in a chair, and wheelchair bound individuals, all using the club e fit.








Club E Fit can be done anywhere at anytime, so no excuses to not get those workouts in. It is easy to travel with and workout while you enjoy your favorite places!








Not only have I helped others see and experience strength gains and weight loss, but Natalie was able to work with Tracey Yukich from the biggest loser to help her lose 118lbs using the club e fit. Tracey experienced some difficulties with the intensity of her workouts while on the show, the club e fit was introduced into her workout routine to help her stay on track of achieving her weight loss goal,  because it is gentle enough on the joints and body, yet effective and efficient to boost your metabolism through gaining muscle mass and burning calories.



I also have used the club e fit as my traveling Pilates Reformer. I have a deep love for the reformer because it is so beneficial for core development and finding greater range of motion and flexibility, which is something we all need more of in our life. I hope you can see how beneficial this system truly is!!

Give yourself the gift of health or someone you love this holiday season! To purchase your very own Club E Fit system, visit www.clubefit.com – enter in the code 20off to save $20 and “Alex.”

You can also checkout some of my club e fit videos under the CLIPS page on my website.

www.alexandreawellness.com/clips OR YOUTUBE: Alex Andrea Wellness #achievewithalex


I wish you all a Happy & Healthy Holiday season with friends and family!


Alex Andrea







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