I Evolv and you can too

Hello Everyone! I know it has been a while since I have blogged, I apologize! The last 3 weeks I was in Thailand – it was so amazing. I believe everyone should travel in life if you can, save your pennies and do it! You learn so much about yourself, how other parts of the world live, and have a new level of gratitude when you return home. If you follow me on social media I posted lots of pics (check them out — you might get the itch to go checkout Thailand yourself!)

Anyway, now that I am back I wanted to let you all know I am here for YOU, available to help you with your wellness journey and answer any questions you have 🙂

Tonight’s blog is on why I Evolv and why I believe you should too. First off what does this mean? Evolv is a product line that I use to fuel my body, support my immune system, help keep my gut happy and healthy, and reduce inflammation in my body. While I was traveling for 3 weeks I was not eating my normal meals or working out like I am used to. In return my body didn’t feel awesome and I felt inflamed. I was looking forward to returning back to my daily routine. What does my Evolv routine consist of and why? In the morning I start my day with a big glass of water and my Evolv daily, Immun and Limitless. The Evolv daily supports my gut health. Gut health is so important for all other bodily functions. Most diseases stem from your gut, so it is crucial that you support your gut health – think healthy gut, healthy you!  Over 70% of our immune system is found in the gut. Which is why I choose to take Evolv Immun. This supplement has Acemannan Aloe vera extract which provides the body with targeted immune support where it counts — in the gut. Limitless is the last supplement I take. Limitless is a concentration of betalains from pure beet root extract to help the body support joint comfort and flexibility by reducing inflammation in the body. This is the reason I started using Evolv products almost 4 years ago. I was training for my first marathon and my body hated me. I was so inflamed from the amount of miles I was running, I was in need of something to help my body recover and feel better, and this is when I started using limitless. I no longer train for marathons, but I do workout regularly and this helps me with my recovery rate. We all carry inflammation in our body due to internal and external stress in our life, so no matter what you are doing in life I highly recommend this supplement for all! Trust me, it flushes out the inflammation. I also started to take the Shake right away after being introduced to Evolv just to try it out — and no joke I was hooked! It taste like Dairy Queen ice cream. Being a personal trainer, I thought to myself noway can this stuff be good for you if it taste this good. So I checkout the ingredients and I approved. My stomach is sensitive to whey based proteins so I have to avoid them. The Evolv Shake is part whey based and part pea (plant) based, so it doesn’t bother my stomach at all. The chocolate flavor is gluten free and there is also vegan options. I have my shake almost every morning for breakfast or if I am having late night cravings I like to make a shake. Many people have found the Shake to be helpful with their weight loss journey by using it as a meal replacement. The other 2 products that I use often are the Evolv Fuel and Fix. The Fuel I take either before a workout or when I need a pick-me-up, this is a natural way to get caffeine without giving me a quick sugary high followed by a crashing low as many energy and coffee drinks do. I put the Fix into my shake often to add a sweet flavor, but more importantly to help reduce cortiol in my body which is a stress hormone. Fix is also good to calm you in stressful situations.

Many people ask me what protein I use and what supplements I take…well now you have it folks!  I believe in this product because it is natural food based products and does not contain fillers like many of the other products out there do. The company puts their money into the research behind the product rather than marketing. I also love the taste of everything and how it makes me feel. Another huge reason I choose Evolv is because I know I am giving back. For every product I purchase to feed my body I know I am feeding and nourishing others. Evolv is known as The HOPE Movement, addressing global problems, such as starving women and children in a sustainable way by providing nourishing food.

If you have any questions about anything please reach out, I am here to help. To checkout the products in greater detail and/or to purchase and commit to your health visit alexandreajohnson.myevolv.com

Signing off tonight sending you love and health ~

Alex Andrea


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