Happy New Year!

Happy New Year’s Eve Fitness Fam!

Soon it will be 2017 — crazy to think how fast another year flew by!

Here are few things to ask yourself and reflect on as we enter into a new year:

  1. What were a couple of your biggest goals you set for 2016 (physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, financial, travel, etc.)?
  2. Did you achieve these 2016 goal(s)?
  3. What are your 2017 goals?

If you didn’t achieve your 2016 goals…IT IS OKAY! Don’t beat yourself up, but rather ask yourself why you didn’t achieve these goals? It is never to late to reset these goals and come up with a new action plan. Sometimes we don’t always succeed on our first try, so we need to take a deep breath, refocus and try a new path.

Lets map this out together to help you be more successful.

There are 52 weeks in a year and 168 hours in each of these weeks.

Set short term and long term goals for yourself to stay on your path to reaching your goals.

Set small weekly goals – Let me help:

56 hours of sleep – 8 hours per night of sleep (which is the recommended amount) x 7

60 hours of the week for work plus time to commute to and from

12 hours per week for meals

10 hours per week to watch TV and screen time… this is being generous, spending more time on this would make my head burst & my butt go flat 😉

7 hours per week for showering and getting ready (1 hour per day)

5 hours per week for shopping / getting groceries

All of this adds up to 150 hours per week, leaving you with 18 hours left per week to feed your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Now take time to schedule these activities (workouts, spiritual rituals, church, hobbies, meditating, reading, etc.) Scheduling a head of time will hold you more accountable to actually take action. If you book an appointment with a friend, sign up for a class, or book a personal training appointment you have someone depending on your to show up, so you are less likely to cancel. When you write your appointments down and/or tell someone you are confirming with yourself psychologically, due to the mind and body connection, reinforcing the brain to remind you of these future actions you are committing to.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to manage your time and how to best utilize each hour per week, you can set longer term goals.

I often encourage my clients to set 12 week goals. 12 week goals are manageable to achieve because they are only 3 months out, and don’t feel like forever away. But, they are also long enough to allow our body’s to adapt to the lifestyle changes we make. Once we hit that 12 week mark you can evaluate and see if you hit your goal. If not you may have to slightly adjust or make greater changes. You have to ask yourself how badly you want your goal(s)?? If you want it bad enough you WILL continue to FIGHT for it and NEVER GIVE UP on yourself. Just like the rest of life goes…sometimes it doesn’t always work out right away or the first try. If you DO achieve your goal after that first 12 week mark or maybe ahead of your timeline, it is now time to set a new goal to reach you to your long time goal – set another 12 week goal that will guide you to reach your long term goal.

Maybe you are someone who doesn’t plan for or think 6-12 months out — that is cool too, and actually I am kind of envious of that mindset because you are more likely to truly live in the moment which is AWESOME!! However, life does move forward and we can always better ourselves physically/mentally/spiritually — so my challenge to you is to always have goal(s) set for yourself to have something to strive for.

“Yesterday is history – today is a present – tomorrow is a mystery” – words from my Mom (Susie)

“Inhale all that serves you, exhale all that doesn’t” – words I share with my yoga students

“Never Give Up & Believe in yourself…the choice is yours” – my slogan for my wellness business

Happy 2017 Friends — wishing a year filled with HEALTH and HAPPINESS!


With lots of Love,

Alex Andrea Wellness



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