I’m a mid-40’s male that was very active until the age of 30 and have been working a desk job and been fairly sedentary since. Alex was able to design a program for me that got my body moving again without causing injury. My joints especially were in need of easing into it and Alex knew exactly how. I have two daughters, ages 10 and 12, that are not as active as they need to be. With the success Alex had with me, I brought them along to a training session to see how they would like it. Alex came up with a program that was not only challenging for them, but fun enough that they didn’t even know they were exercising. Since that time, my daughters look forward to our training sessions.
Tom Johnson & his daughtersclients
I have learned how to create and maintain a healthier diet and eating habits through working with Alex. Before I began personal training with Alex, I was 246lb. I have now dropped 33lbs and currently weigh 212lbs. Alex has helped me create daily food journals, which allow me to see what I eat on a regular basis. These journals help me work towards my weight loss goals. Alex has also taught me that I need to be my own best friend and take care of my needs first in order to be the happiest me!
Graham Wagnerclient
Alex is awesome! She is really everything you could ask for in a trainer - smart, patient, and very encouraging. I love and look forward to my training sessions with her. She knows how to help make you become YOUR best without comparisons to others or being too pushy. Her knowledge of diet and nutrition has also been extremely beneficial in helping me to obtain my overall fitness goals. If you are looking for a challenge, attend one of her HIIT or Core Conditioning classes. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Alex!
Cheri Palmclient
Alex has helped me get my fitness life back in order. As a busy professional in the creative world I found it very hard to maintain my work outs with my ever changing schedule . Alex was amazing in helping me set a plan that works for my life and stick to it. She is incredibly smart and passionate about training, and after just a few months with Alex by my side I’ve been able to transform my body into something I’m proud of. Her personalized workouts are fun and challenging. Her support and motivation has helped me create long term habits that I’m able to maintain. I find myself looking forward to Monday’s so I can start my week off right with Alex!
Lauren StaufferClient
I had no clue what to expect when I started working with Alex over a year ago, but “personal trainer” doesn’t come close to describing what she does. Alex teaches, coaches, motivates, and inspires. She has tremendous enthusiasm and passion for helping her clients to achieve their full potential. Her focus on the whole person has helped me to become more mindful about the impact of nutrition, sleep, stress, and exercise on my well-being. Her individually tailored workouts each week have helped me to build physical strength and endurance, mental toughness, and confidence in the gym…Thanks, Alex!!
Linda BerberogluClient
I started working with Alex two summers ago, my goal was to lose weight and reshape my body. At the start I was 39% body fat and 179lb, and at age 12 that is considered overweight/obese. Alex took my goals and catered certain workouts that worked on the areas on my body that stored the most fat. Her unique workouts include high intensity cardio and strength training so my body would rebuild the base I had lost. She is the kindest most motivating trainer I could ask for and she helped hold me accountable to my dietary choices. Her views on the body are very realistic and while most of the time I eat healthy, Alex showed me that 10% of the time you can treat yourself and 'live a little.' In the past year I have rejoined the intense swim club and I'm now a nationally ranked swimmer. Looking back on the old me, I honestly don't think I could have made this much progress without the help of Alex. I am still getting rid of extra fat and muscle toning but I have come a long way, I am now 27% body fat and 166lb. Even though my weight may not have dropped tremendously, I look completely different and toned.
Eliza Price Client
Alex is a fitness enthusiast who devotes her time helping others see the true benefits of taking care of your own body through wellness and fitness. She guides and supports you to pursue your individual goals. She will provide you with the knowledge and advice you need to succeed. Offering a wide variety of training avenues Alex will be able to design a program that keeps you motivated while enjoying your workouts (not easy to do). A lot of people dread working out or use the excuse that they don't have time to workout, but with Alex it is possible to find your own love for wellness and fitness. With her experience, bubbly personality, passion for health and fitness, Alex is the one person I truly trust to help me and help others be comfortable and satisfied in their own skin. I encourage you to see what Alex can do for you to benefit your life like she has for me!
Meagan MaciverClass Participant
My 25-year old son Graham realized one of life’s jackpots in August 2015 when he began personal training with Alex multiple times/week at the Southdale YMCA. In those 15+ months, Graham’s weight has dropped from 247 pounds to 200 pounds and his Body Fat percent has plummeted from the mid-30% range to 13-15%. Equally remarkable are Graham’s gains in strength, balance, flexibility, healthy eating and nutrition knowledge, confidence, discipline, conversational maturity, eye contact, and appreciation of the steady path to positive and lasting change. Alex continues to help Graham better understand and appreciate the importance of truth, that one’s journey through life is a series of personal choices, how to recognize and respond to healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, and the immense power of true friendship. Perhaps the results of the fine relationship between Graham and Alex will seem more profound when you learn that Graham is autistic. In my experience, if Alex can’t help you, you’ve got no ills
Robin WagnerFather of a Client
Early last year I finally decided try again with a personal trainer. I connected with Alex and I could not be happier. She has taught me to do things I never thought I could do and explains the reasons why to do them. I am no longer intimidated by the gym. I love how my body feels after a workout. My bone density has improved so that I no longer need to take meds. My Dr. was very impressed, and so am I. My workouts with her are an important investment in myself, and I plan to keep investing
Diane LeflerClient
I am so excited with the results I've been experiencing so far, taking Alex's yoga class. It has only been five weeks (going to class just once a week), but after the very first class, I noticed a difference. I was told that I would likely need to have a spinal fusion within the next year or so to "correct" my scoliosis. The idea of having two metal rods going down a portion of my spine and no longer being able to move there, is pretty disheartening to me. When I first heard about Alex's yoga class, I was curious if maybe, just maybe it could help with my back. I was a little bit nervous because with the curve of my spine, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do the movements properly. Well, I'm happy to say that although my form is far from perfect, I can really tell a difference! My spine has been feeling consistently better since I've started taking Alex's class. This is HUGE for me! I have been seeing specialists for the last 12 years and have an inversion table that I hang upside down on several times each day. But despite all these treatments, my pain level has ranged from tolerable to horrible. I am a firm believer in movement. I am a personal trainer and have been doing cardio and weights for a long time, but had never done yoga before. Alex's class has given me the chance to put my body in positions that it would never be in otherwise on a day to day basis. And I feel like this is really helping it. Although I don't have anything to compare it to, since I've never done yoga before, I can say that I am absolutely hooked on Alex's class and teaching style, and I have become a major fan! She has an amazing ability to cater to all levels- I have no idea how she does this! But she always offers options if the move is either too easy or too hard. So I end up getting a workout that feels quite challenging, but not impossible. I must also add, that I absolutely love Alex's energy and her spiritual/positive vibe she brings to each class. My mind is constantly running and Alex has a way of bringing me back to my center and focusing on what really matters most to me- Love, Gratitude, the people I care about... The other night in class, during one of the poses, she said (I'm paraphrasing) "Challenge yourself just a little more... take yourself out of your comfort zone just a little more, just like you do in other aspects of your life." I love this! I loved that analogy. I am so, so excited to see what will happen with continuing her classes. I've already signed up for the next round, plus a barre class too! Just the relief in my back, as well as a calmer state of mind, has already been a huge blessing! Perhaps if things continue on this way, I won't need a fusion. In any case, I am just so, so grateful for what Alex has given me. She has already made my life so much better. Namaste Alex!
Robin LindbergClass Participant
Alex Johnson has been my trainer for 2 plus years and she has helped me focus and re-energize my workouts and goals. A few years back, I had bilateral hip replacements at a relatively young age of 42 & 44. Prior to my surgery, I was a runner and worked out regularly. I loved having an active lifestyle where I enjoyed biking and other outdoor or sporting activities. Since my surgery, I have gained unwanted pounds and needed help to focus on my workouts, so I can keep my core and hips stable. Alex has worked hard on meeting my hip/core goals through challenging workouts twice a week. Her positive attitude and encouragement are the key to my desire to get out of bed early in the morning to meet her and whatever she has to give me for my workouts. Additionally, Alex has been proactive in helping me set my weight goals and follows my progress no matter what the scale says. She cheers me on when I lose weight and sends me encouraging words when I gain or plateau. All and all, I feel Alex listens and genuinely cares about me, and wants to see me succeed. When you have someone like Alex on your side, you want to work hard to achieve your goals both physically and mentally. We talk about how this process is a journey and I'm thankful that Alex is apart of my journey to a healthy lifestyle.
Wendy Petersenclient
Alex was my personal trainer and I've taken a countless number of classes from her. I could tell from the very beginning that she was extremely passionate about what she does. She genuinely wants to see you succeed and will make sure you're having fun while you're doing it! Not only is she a bright light, she is a wealth of knowledge and she will help you meet and exceed your fitness goals
Leah AllmanClass Participant