About Alex

Hi I’m Alex! 

I’m a Fitness Professional who helps seekers of health and fitness find a wellness path that works for their lifestyle.

Growing up as an athlete allowed for me to be active from a young age. I quickly understood the importance of moving my body on a daily basis, and how exercise had such a positive impact on my body and mood. In college I found myself spending a lot of my time at the recreation center to relieve stress and take study breaks. I started to teach group fitness at the recreation center shortly after starting my sophomore year and fell in love with teaching and helping others. I realized I had a deep passion for preventative health  and working with people. This is when I decided I wanted to immerse my life in health and wellness and pursue my degree in Exercise Science.

My mission is to help others achieve their fitness and wellness goals through being a motivational leader, by guiding, educating and supporting others on their fitness journey.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Psychology. The dual studies allow me to better understand how the mind and body are connected, which leads to greater behavioral changes to achieve a holistic healthy lifestyle.

Along with my education from the U of M, I have also earned multiple national certifications to continue personal growth. My continued education in the fitness industry also allows me to better communicate and share my knowledge while helping others, these include:

-Certified ACE (American Council of Exercise) Personal Trainer

– NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine) Personal Trainer

– Certified ACE (American Council of Exercise) Group Fitness Instructor

– NETA (National Exercise Trainer Association) National Trainer/Presenter

– NETA (National Exercise Trainer Association) Wellness Coach

-YogaFit Instructor Level I, II, III, IV

-CorePower Yoga Sculpt Instructor

– PEAK Pilates Reformer Instructor

– Healthways SilverSneaker Instructor

– YMCA WaterX Instructor & ENJOY SUP (stand up paddle-board) Instructor

-Club E Fit Master trainer